The beauty of domestic Akoya pearls

All OHARA jewelry uses Akoya pearls from Shima, Ise City, Mie Prefecture.
Akoya oysters have been loved for a long time because of their many layers of mother-of-pearl that give off the most beautiful brilliance.
Japan's Akoya pearls, which began culturing early in the world, are said to be born with beautiful luster due to the temperature difference in the seawater temperature brought about by the four seasons unique to Japan, and are highly evaluated all over the world.
Among them, OHARA uses rare large pearls of 9 mm or more, and dyed pearls that are more affordable than black pearls and have the same beauty.


No two are the same - that's the proof of authenticity

Each pearl has a slightly different color, shape, and size.
Beautiful pearls with different facial expressions are the best collaboration created by human wisdom, shellfish, and the sea. Even if one of them is missing, beautiful things cannot be produced.
At OHARA, we carefully select individual pearls that bring out the best qualities of pearls, one by one, according to the design. We deliver jewelry that maximizes the beauty of Akoya pearls.

Akoya Pearl 2

Three factors that determine the quality of Akoya pearls

  • 1. Roll

  • “Maki” refers to the thickness of the nacreous layer that covers the surface of the core of the pearl. Generally speaking, the thicker the nacre layer, the more durable the pearl is. increase. Akoya pearls are made up of more than 1000 very thin pearl layers.

  • 2. Teri

  • "Teri" means the brilliance of pearls. Those with strong brilliance are considered to be of better quality than those with dull brilliance, and this varies depending on the thickness of the roll, the uniformity of the thickness, and the transparency.

  • 3. Shape

  • Akoya pearls are a gift of nature produced by Akoya oysters. Because there is no same thing as one, there is a small unevenness called "dimple" depending on the individual. This creates a natural, gentle texture.

  • 4. Color

  • The colors of Akoya pearls create a deep brilliance of seven colors due to the layering of nacres of various colors. OHARA carefully selects and uses individuals with deep colors. Because the shape is not a perfect circle, it moves with the condition of the light, creating exquisite colors.

About the OHARA brand tag

Currently, Akoya pearls with a size of 6 mm to 8 mm are the mainstream, and those with a size of 8 mm or more are called large beads.
At OHARA, we attach a K18 brand tag to all of our carefully selected Akoya pearls that are 9 mm or larger, excluding solitaire rings.
OHARA's pearls are made with a lot of thought into each and every one of them so that they can make customers more beautiful.